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The equipment and event rental industry is growing and so is the competition. We want you to have access to the attitudes, buying habits, and attributes of your customers and potential customers. Don’t miss out on the professional research available to you.

Research Results

Full Report – Results from every market

Learn more:
  • The main reasons people rent and why they will continue to rent
  • What factors determine where and who people choose to rent from
  • The kind of online experience renters expect from you

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Professional Contractors

Growth in the professional contractor segment is consistent, customer satisfaction is high, and new trends are creating additional rental opportunities. Download professional contractor research findings.

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Professional Event Planner

Professional Event Planners want attentive service, clear communication and well maintained, reliable and varied inventory.

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DIY Homeowner

DIY homeowner are customers who return on a frequent basis for expertise and equipment. Learn more about this valuable market. Download DIY homeowner research findings.

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DIY Party Planner – The DIY Party Planner

DIY party planners behave differently and rely on the knowledge and expertise of rental business employees. Learn more about DIY party planners.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I use the segment videos on my website and in my store?

    Yes, we encourage to use these videos ...

    Yes, we encourage to use these videos to help target and grow your business. Simply click the 'download' button to download a copy. Then upload this video to your website, social media or any other marketing channel you have available.
  • How often are these survey results updated?

    ARA commissions this study every 3 ...

    ARA commissions this study every 3-5 years to keep pace with the changing trends and demographics that impact the equipment and event rental industry.
  • Who conducted this survey?

    This survey was performed by RSG ...

    This survey was performed by RSG (Resource Systems Group), an independent research organization. The online survey questioned a representative sample of the general population about their current and projected rental behavior and preferences.